What do Garth Brooks, Chris Gaines, Cee-Lo and Gnarls Barkley have to do with your Architecture Firm?

What do Garth Brooks, Chris Gaines, Cee-Lo and Gnarls Barkley have to do with your Architecture Firm?

Experimentation! They both (Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines and Cee-Lo with Gnarls Barkley) tested the market with what I call niche experiments. And, I support artistic expression and experimentation. I’m proud when artists who are especially known in a particular genre venture into new genres and markets that I imagine that they’ve been singing along to, in their own time, for quite a while. When they share with their audiences and new-to-them audiences styles that they’ve known they had in them all along.

Did you ever see the music video where a man was wearing a long black coat and he kinda looked like Garth Brooks only with longer hair,  in that what I call starfish-like haircut that was popular in the late ‘90s? The video had a blueish tint to it and was set at night (if i recall correctly).  It had a bit of an alternative rock look. The artist’s name was Chris Gaines, and he was singing “Lost In You”.  The song was beautiful. And, it was in deed Garth Brooks singing it, taking on the persona of Chris Gaines. I was already a fan of Garth Brooks’ music, and became even more of a fan when he did a niche experiment into what I consider to be a bit of an alternative and R&B sound.

I was similarly surprised and impressed when I heard the song “Crazy” for the first time on the radio. I thought, “That sounds like Cee-Lo”, but it had a slightly different sound than his music I’d heard up to that point. It kind of reminded me of the Gorillaz song, Clint Eastwood, and had somewhat of an electronica feel.  It drew me in. Sure enough, it was Cee-Lo–this time as part of Gnarls Barkley.  Again, I was already a fan…became even more of a fan.

Swift experimentation is an advantage you have when you’re ready to venture into new markets and see what fans/clients emerge.

A quick and easy way to experiment with niches and test new offerings with your market is with your landing pages.

Landing pages help you experiment.

Landing pages are where your customer “lands” after they’ve found and clicked on your link, whether that’s via your email outreach, search engine ad campaign, social media push, affiliate campaign, etc. With offline campaigns, it would be a site you’ve created specifically for the viewers of that particular campaign. They are versions of your site that you’ve set up with a segment in mind.

With a landing page and an intention to build your firm’s reputation and grow your business in new markets, you can tailor your content to the ideal client of kindred spirits you’re aiming for.

Experimentation. You’re capable of it.

If you’re an architect who’s done transit design, there’s likely a corporate campus in you.

If you’ve done workspace design, you’ve got a set of experience designs or event architecture projects in you.

So, you tell me. You know your work.
What are you capable of as a designer, as a business owner?
Is there a service you want to build your firm’s reputation for?
How are you testing the market?

Book a call with us, and we’ll help you re-position your content so that it caters to the market and niche you’re testing.

And, stay tuned! We’ll show you how to build out your sales funnel around that market you’re targeting, in a coming post.

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