Can SEM Work in Real Estate? Of Course!

What began as a series of explainer screenshots and text message drafts, I’ve crafted into this handy blog post to address the question we get asked from time to time of how search engine marketing (SEM) works for the real estate industry. Is it feasible to even take on SEM, as a realtor? Is it possible to have success with it?

As with any industry, the best route to take depends on what your goals are for growth.

Let’s say you are a real estate agent based in Louisville, Ky.

    • So, for example, are you interested in growing your commercial real estate sales?
    • Or, residential? Or, selling more of a particular kind of residential property, like townhomes or condos?
    • Are you wanting to attract more home sellers, rather than buyers? Or, vice versa?
    • Do you want to grow outside of the Louisville market, and how far? Or, into what areas?

It’s important to get specific on what kind of growth you want.

From there, let’s talk strategy. We love a good strategy session.

Large property database sites like Zillow get a lot of attention, right? People look to them for their listings. A major opportunity that I want to emphasize, which I’ll share more about later in this post, is that:

You have an advantage in positioning yourself and your properties in front of interested people simply by keeping your listings up to date and reliable, and emphasizing that in your search engine marketing copy and on your landing pages.

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Positioning Your Architecture Firm for Growth

Perhaps the first question is, what does growth mean to you and your firm?

Is there a particular service that you want to sell the most of in your firm? Bread-and-butter services that you can always count on to bring in steady  revenue, that you want to sell more of? Do you have a new service that you want to launch? Or, is there a top ticket service you offer that you want to build your firm’s reputation for?

Take a moment and write down what growth means to your firm.

Whether you’re in the arena of commercial, residential, civic, educational or hospitality architecture, or historic preservation, there are some low-hanging-fruit commonalities we’ve seen where architecture firms can begin to look for growth opportunities.

Let’s Start With…

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Refueling your campaign

One of the most mishaps people do daily with today’s campaign is they set it and forget it. Most people get caught to thinking that the lack of daily monitoring of a campaign has little to any effect on a campaign.

Oh contrair montair, the opposite is true. Due to the fact that today’s market movers move with switching daily trends and news cycles, it takes a special care to make sure that your message stays align as the current around it is pulling the industry or market any-which-a-way.

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Math Intros. Smoking Colors

We like progressive brands. Brands that find their way in the market of greatness. Architech and Founder of Smoking Colors sat down with us and had a few candid conversations about how and social media marketing is being pushed the way it is and ways people have as real options for turning around their product. We sat out side MRGMXMM and the follow are a few photos as a result.

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The Treasure of Knowing your Niche Market

There are a lot of people on the web who you can be spending your time trying to make sales too. Or you can be spending time making sales to the people who are the only people who would buy your product. That’s your niche market and yes you may share this market with your competitors, but what matters is that these are the people that are going to buy. These are the people who you help solve something so big to them that they will exchange hard earned money for it. That is your niche market and that’s how you should start defining them in your own mental space.

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We are working a series of post that will explain the difference between SEM and SEO and when and where each are used. The importance of these terms to todays marketing can either have a get on or get off board approach. We will be giving our best simple and clear explanation

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