The Treasure of Knowing your Niche Market

There are a lot of people on the web who you can be spending your time trying to make sales too. Or you can be spending time making sales to the people who are the only people who would buy your product. That’s your niche market and yes you may share this market with your competitors, but what matters is that these are the people that are going to buy. These are the people who you help solve something so big to them that they will exchange hard earned money for it. That is your niche market and that’s how you should start defining them in your own mental space.

The treasure is that they exist…. and for only that reason are you in business reading this here today about to find out ways to make sure that’s who you market to.

1. The Equation

So here it is, the equation, and it exist across the entire platform of business. Today I made a hair product with a group of natural ingredients that help stimulate the hair follicle around your edges to regenerate and grow to the maximum thickness of your hair. It goes on sale at midnight. If you know anybody that may need this, please let them know. I only have 100 of them. and the price is starting at $10 dollars for the first ten, then $20 for the next twenty, then $30 for the next ten and so forth. After that I will stop making them.

What is this a scam? What am I reading? The equation.  A = B = C . (A) The hair product, a solution = (B) Some people who want to grow back they edges… = (C) a transaction opportunity for the exchange of Hair Product for Cash/Credit/Barter


“When your solution solves(=) a problem it creates(=) a transaction opportunity.”

2. The Opportunity

The opportunity is an important aspect of this equation, because when one of the following happens, the opportunity is over. The product runs out. The price is to expensive for that buyer. The buyer finds someone else who does the same thing for the same, more, or less price.


So where do you focus your efforts of this opportunity? At Math, we focus on the nature of the buying cycle to place our clients at the point where someone “Searches” for the solution for the problem at hand. What we call the “Connect Point”, when we go to a trusted advisor, say a friend and have a real conversation about said need and the friend says, go “Search for” it.  Then you’re like, cool, I will “Search for” it. Then you go “Search for” it and take a minute and stop right here. Go back and read this last paragraph and replace “Search for” with “Google”


3. The Connect

This is where it all connects, your niche market is going to be using some real ready-to-buy key words at the best case scenario at finding a solution to their need.  Now when they get to the results of their “Search” they are presented with two options. Go with the links at the top, that are either self verified or Google verified or both or the ones at the top of the list. What they are really looking for are the words that say that you will solve their needs. This







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