Refueling your campaign

One of the most mishaps people do daily with today’s campaign is they set it and forget it. Most people get caught to thinking that the lack of daily monitoring of a campaign has little to any effect on a campaign.

Oh contrair montair, the opposite is true. Due to the fact that today’s market movers move with switching daily trends and news cycles, it takes a special care to make sure that your message stays align as the current around it is pulling the industry or market any-which-a-way.

The only way to stay on top of today’s campaigns is daily “Refueling” your campaign. That means checking in and analyzing the previous day’s performance and metrics on how your users responded. You should monitor how a user responses to your campaigns message, your message congruence, your landing page(s) User Experience,  the bounce-rate, keyword effectiveness and a load of other metrics.

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We call them the morning metrics, it’s the metrics we check first thing in the morning and use it to set our course of action toward our active campaigns for ourselves and our clients. With a great system set up it can take us anywhere from 30min to 1 hour to get a good analysis of a campaign.

By doing this simple daily refuel, you make get to make sure that when it’s full steam ahead that every dollar of your ad spend is being monitored.






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